Free Shipping Terms and Conditions

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Free Shipping Terms and Conditions

We know shipping cost can be a downfall of online shopping so we want to reward and thank you for your business!

Free shipping applies to orders where the combined goods value (excluding the shipping cost) is over the nominated free shipping dollar value threshold. Some items instore are excluded from this.

Free Shipping applies to orders made within Australia only.

Majority of the items instore are included in this policy with the exception of large and bulky or excessively heavy items e.g. 9 “ Diff Housing Kit, I-beam Front end Kit, Disc Brake Kits. If an item isn’t eligible for free shipping, we’ll let you know in the item description and checkout.

In the case where the customer purchases a mixture of items that do and don’t qualify for free shipping, they will only be charged shipping for the items that don’t qualify.